(a)    In instances where a property owner or occupant having charge or control of a premises in the City will be hosting an assembly in which they reasonably anticipate attendance of 500 or more people at a single event, the owner or occupant is required to apply for a Traffic Control Permit for Large Assemblies.
   (b)    The Traffic Control Permit for Large Assemblies will require submission of the following information by the property owner at least fifteen (15) days prior to the event:
      (1)    Date of the event, start time of the event, and end time of the event;
      (2)    A traffic management plan (addressing traffic control and signage);
      (3)    A parking management plan (addressing signage, where and how much parking is available and how many vehicles are anticipated at the event);
      (4)    The number of police officers who will assist with parking management, traffic management, and crowd safety (including whether any other safety personnel will be in attendance);
      (5)    Name and contact information of the organization or user organizing the event, any special considerations required for the event, and information pertaining to any known or expected safety concerns; and
      (6)    Additional information as may be required by the Administration, including a possible additional insurance liability policy to be obtained for the event.
   (c)    Multiple permits for the same type of event (a single athletic season, etc.) by the same organization are allowed to be issued for twelve (12) months for the cost of one permit, if all of the information cited in (b)(1) through (5) is the same.
   (d)   In lieu of a traffic control permit, educational and non-profit institutions may submit a Master Traffic Management Plan ("Plan") to the City. Such Plan shall satisfy the requirements of 406.17(b)(2) through 406.17(b)(6) for any types of events that would be subject to this ordinance, and shall provide provision for advance notice and coordination for such events. After approval, the Plan shall be in effect until otherwise modified or terminated. The City Administration shall have the authority to rescind approval of the plan, or to request the applicant to modify the Plan at any time.
   (e)    An event that is sponsored by and coordinated by a City of Bexley department is exempt from the need to apply for a permit.
   (f)    The Traffic Control Permit for Large Assemblies fee is $50.00 for non-profits, $75.00 for residential events, and $100.00 for commercial events. The Master Traffic Management Plan approval process is fee exempt. Fees are due upon receipt of application.
   (g)    Permits shall be reviewed and approved by the Chief of Police and the Mayor, who may place additional approval conditions upon the permit at their sole discretion. A permit may be revoked at any time at the sole discretion of the Chief of Police and the Mayor when the health or safety of the public is threatened by any type of emergency or other unforeseen condition.
   (h)    In special circumstance where permit applications are submitted less than 15 days in advance and for good cause, the 15 day requirement may be waived by the Chief of Police and the Mayor.
   (i)    Failure to apply for a traffic control permit for large assemblies or failure to timely and completely submit the information cited in Section 407.16(b) constitutes a violation of this Section and will result in a fine of $1,000.
   (j)    The City of Bexley will not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, disability, familial status, or military status against any property owner or occupant having charge or control of a premises in the City seeking a traffic control permit for large assemblies. The permit application process is designed to promote the health, safety, and welfare of all persons through the reasonable regulation of a proposed local event and is not intended or expected to interfere with the constitutional rights to free speech and assembly of any property owner or occupant having charge or control of a premises in the City. The permit application process shall be undertaken without regard to the subject or reason for the assembly.
(Ord. 27-18. Passed 12-11-18.)