A.   Police officers shall have the power and authority at all times in cases of emergency or the sudden or unusual temporary use of streets or traffic congestion to close, open, reroute, or otherwise regulate the traffic or parking on all or any portion of any public street or alley.
   B.   Whenever the police chief shall determine that any emergency congestion may result from the holding of public or private assemblages, gatherings, or functions, or for other reasons, the police chief shall have the power and authority to order temporary signs posted prohibiting the operation, parking, or stopping of vehicles on such streets or alleys.
   C.   Whenever the police chief determines that the holding of a private assemblage, gathering, or function necessitates the parking of automobiles associated with such event in a residential zone with restricted parking requirements, written parking authorization, not exceeding six (6) hours may be granted for such event, subject to such conditions as appropriate to protect the public health, welfare, and safety. (1962 Code §§ 3-4.103, 3-6.1013)