Article 1. Special Speed Zones
7-2-101: Increase Of State Speed Limit In Certain Zones
7-2-102: Decrease Of State Speed Limit On Certain Grades
   Article 2. Commercial Vehicle Restrictions
7-2-201: Heavy Vehicles Restricted To Certain Streets
7-2-202: Emergency Or Necessary Use Of Restricted Streets
7-2-203: Streets Designated For Heavy Vehicle Usage
7-2-204: Construction Hauling Permits
7-2-205: Commercial Vehicles Prohibited From Using Private Driveways Without Permission
7-2-206: Definitions
7-2-207: Tour Bus Loading Zones Establishment And Restrictions
7-2-208: Tour Bus Staging Zones Establishment And Restrictions
7-2-209: Tour Bus Engine Operation In Loading And Staging Zones
7-2-210: Sightseeing Vehicle Prohibited From Pick Up Or Discharge Of Passengers In Residential Areas
7-2-211: Restrictions On Modified Roof Tour Buses
   Article 3. Miscellaneous Traffic Regulations
7-2-301: Operation Of Motor Vehicle On Private Property Without Permission Prohibited
7-2-302: Waiting Prohibited At Parking Facility Entrance
7-2-303: Driving Through Parades And Funeral Processions Prohibited
7-2-304: Vehicles Restricted To Approved Ingress Or Egress
7-2-305: Stop Required For Vehicles Emerging From Alleys, Driveways, Or Buildings
7-2-306: Driving Certain Equipment On Public Streets Prohibited
7-2-307: Operation Of Bicycles
7-2-308: Driving Or Riding On Sidewalks Prohibited
7-2-309: Report Required When Damage Caused To Public Property
   Article 4. Solicitation Prohibited
7-2-401: Solicitation And Distribution In The Public Roadway
7-2-402: Solicitation Of Persons Traveling By Vehicle
   Article 5. Mobile Billboard Advertising Displays And Advertising On Vehicles
7-2-501: Purpose
7-2-502: Definition
7-2-503: Prohibition
7-2-504: Penalties