A.   The transportation official shall have the authority and duty to implement such traffic and parking regulations as necessary or appropriate to facilitate traffic and parking within the city, and to install, modify or remove any traffic devices; provided, further, that where council approval is required by section 7-1-2 of this chapter, or traffic and parking commission approval is required prior to implementation, such approval shall be given prior to implementation and enforcement. Traffic and parking regulations implemented by the transportation official shall be consistent with governing federal and state laws, provisions of this code, and consistent with any direction of the city council or the city manager.
   B.   The transportation official shall have authority to issue parking permits as authorized by this title.
   C.   The transportation official shall be responsible for posting such signs as required by the city, or by the state Vehicle Code, and traffic or parking regulations shall not be implemented or enforced until such signs are properly posted.
   D.   For purposes of this title, "transportation official" shall mean the director of transportation. (1962 Code §§ 3-4.103, 3-6.701, 3-6.901, amd. Ord. 99-O-2340, eff. 1-7-2000)