10.01   Storage, deposit and disposal of refuse
   10.02   Dog, cat and Vietnamese potbellied pigs
   10.03   Toilet installation required
   10.04   Dangerous weapons and articles
   10.05   Curfew
   10.06   Disorderly conduct
   10.07   Abandoning a motor vehicle
   10.08   Shade tree disease and shade tree pest control and prevention
   10.09   Uniform Fire Code
   10.10   Animal licensing and regulation
   10.11   Animals and fowl - keeping, transporting, treatment, housing
   10.12   Obstructions to visibility
   10.13   Grass and weeds on private property
   10.14   Junk cars, furniture, household furnishings and appliances stored on public or private property
   10.15   Open pits, basements and other excavations
   10.16   Repealed
   10.17   Boating and lakes
   10.18   Use of public parks
   10.19   Use of Jay C. Hormel Nature Center
   10.19A   Schrafel Wildlife Management Area
   10.20   Possession and consumption of liquor in public parks
   10.21   Prohibiting the operation of motor vehicles, motorcycles or motorized bikes in any public park or other public grounds
   10.22   Unfair discriminatory practices
   10.23   Sleeping, loitering and lounging in streets or public places
   10.24   Sale of gasoline on streets and sidewalks
   10.25   Sale of Methamphetamine precursor drugs
   10.26   Reserved
   10.27   Reserved
   10.28   Reserved
   10.29   Reserved
   10.30   Open burning
   10.31   Prohibiting unnecessary noises
   10.32   Littering
   10.33   Parking or storing of motor vehicles
   10.34   Hosting an event or gathering where alcohol is present and being possessed and consumed by persons under 21 years of age prohibited
   10.35   Library; prohibited acts
   10.36   Feeding of deer and geese prohibited