General Provisions
   11.01   Definitions
   11.02   Establishment of districts
   11.03   Rules of interpretation of district boundaries
   11.04   Application of district regulations
   11.05   Provisions of chapter declared to be minimum requirements
   11.06   Interpretation of zoning chapter and map
   11.07   Amendments
   11.08   Schedule of fees, charges and expenses
   11.09   Complaints regarding violation
   11.10   Schedule of district regulations adopted
   11.11   Consistency with state law
   11.12   Applications
   11.13   Final actions
   11.14   Additional extensions of time
   11.15   Applications for subdivision approval and building permits
Administration and Enforcement
   11.20   Administration and enforcement
   11.21   Building permit required
   11.22   Use prohibited without zoning certificate
   11.23   Certificates of occupancy
Residential Districts
   11.30   R-1, single-family residence district
   11.31   R-2, multi-family residence district
   11.32   R-O, multi-family residence - office district
   11.33   R-M, residential manufactured home district
Business Districts
   11.40   B-1, neighborhood business district
   11.41   B-2, community business district
   11.42   B-3, central business district
Industrial Districts
   11.50   I-1, limited industrial district
   11.51   I-2, industrial district
   11.52   I-3, business/industrial park district
Agriculture, Recreation and Conservation District
   11.55   A-1, agriculture, recreation and conservation district
   11.56   Conditional uses - permits, conditions and procedures
   11.57   Interim use permits
Manufactured Home Parks
   11.60   Design, placement and operation of manufactured home parks
Other Districts
   11.65   Planned development district
   11.66   Shoreland overlay district
General Regulations
   11.70   Off-street parking and loading regulations
   11.71   Tree preservation
   11.72   Reserved
   11.73   Reserved
   11.74   Reserved
   11.75   Miscellaneous special provisions
   11.76   Reserved
   11.77   Reserved
   11.78   Reserved
   11.79   Reserved
   11.80   Non-conforming: lots, land uses and structures
   11.81   Fixing rezoning, variances, conditional use permits and zoning permits
   11.82   Communications towers and antennas
   11.83   Wind energy conversion systems (WECS)
   11.84   Solar energy installations