It is the duty of every owner or occupant of any property within the city, having a dwelling house or business building situated thereon, which property is abutting a street in which there are city water and sewer mains, to install a toilet in the dwelling or business building and make connection thereof with the water and sewer mains.  The city shall serve written notice upon the owner or occupant requiring the installation of toilet facilities upon premises described in the notice, and connection thereof with the sewer and water mains, all of which shall be done within 30 days after service of the written notice. If the owner or occupant refuses to permit the city to enter the property for the purpose of installing a toilet, the City Engineer may obtain an administrative search warrant authorizing a city employee, or agent authorized by the city, to enter and make the installation.  Whenever any owner or occupant shall default, in compliance with the written notice, the Council may, by resolution, direct that a toilet be installed and connection made with the water and sewer mains and that the actual cost of the installation be paid in the first instance out of the General Revenue Fund, and assessed against the property so benefitted.  After the installation and connection is completed by order of the Council, the city shall serve a written notice of intention to make an assessment therefor.  If the assessment is not paid within ten days, the city shall certify the amount thereof to the County Auditor in the same manner as with other special assessments, provided that the Council may, by resolution, provide that the assessment be spread over a term of five years upon written request by the owner of the property.
(`80 Code, § 10.03)  Penalty, see § 1.99