Permits and Fees
1315.01   Plan submission and approval; expiration and exceptions.
1315.02   Permit required prior to work; posting of placard.
1315.03   Plan approval; records of permits, inspections and complaints.
1315.04   Permit required for building construction; placement, enlargement, alteration; structural improvement, repair or replacement.
1315.05   Permit and performance bond required for wrecking or demolition.
1315.06   Sealing off utility lines; filling openings after approval.
1315.07   Permit fee schedule.
1315.08   Permit required prior to work commencement.
1315.09   Charge increase for work prior to permit.
Building permits - see P. & Z. 1109.02
Certificates of occupancy - see P. & Z. 1109.03
Housing occupancy certificate - see BLDG. 1363.05