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   (A)   The state legislature in the 1985 Legislature shall pass legislation that would make as a pre-condition of the purchaser's obtaining a New Mexico automobile registration or re-registration for an automobile in Bernalillo County, the requirement that the vehicle complied with the provisions of the city and the county of Bernalillo's Auto Emission Inspection Ordinance and passed the required auto emission inspection.
   (B)   The state legislature in the 1985 Legislature pass legislation giving the city an county of Bernalillo a funding source to pay the cost of conducting auto emission inspections for all automobiles registered or proposed to be registered in Bernalillo County without charging an auto emission inspection fee per se. The city and the county of Bernalillo request the state legislature to grant them the authority to impose, by ordinance, a tax of up to two cents per gallon of gasoline sold in the county. (Alternatively, the city and the county of Bernalillo request the state legislature to pass legislation raising the automobile registration and re-registration fee for automobiles registered in Bernalillo County a sufficient amount to pay for the cost of the auto emission inspection program.) Any excess proceeds from the funding source listed in this paragraph after paying the costs of operation of the auto emissions inspection program and the capital costs of the auto emissions inspection program, shall be applied to provide for costs of the city of Albuquerque municipal transit system to include bus service in the county of Bernalillo outside of the city or for the costs of maintaining roads and streets in the city and the county of Bernalillo.
   (C)   The Department of Transportation of the state of New Mexico shall enter into an agreement with the city to enable the city to act as an agent for the state of New Mexico in registering automobiles in Bernalillo County and that the department assist the city in implementing a registration-auto emission inspection program that fits into the staggered and annual registration program of the state of New Mexico while allowing for auto emission inspection programs year round.
   (D)   The Albuquerque Environmental Health and Energy Department develop the facts and suitable rationale for incorporation into local ordinances and air quality control regulations that can be used to reinstitute an I/M program based on non-fee inspections for all of Bernalillo County to include the following:
      (1)   Inspection of all Bernalillo County registered motor vehicles 10,000 pounds GVW or less, and that city vehicles of all Gross Vehicle Weights, including buses and refuse vehicles, shall be subject to inspection.
      (2)   Inspection of vehicles with spark ignition engines for acceptable carbon monoxide emissions.
      (3)   Inspection of vehicles with compression ignition engines for acceptable levels of visible emissions under load.
      (4)   Exterior inspection of spark ignition vehicles which are designed by the manufacturer for the exclusive use of unleaded fuels for pollution control device tampering.
   (E)   It is the purpose and resolve of this Council to achieve the federal standards in Albuquerque as originally planned and committed in the 1982 Urban Implementation Plan. Therefore, if necessary the Council desires the I/M program to be sufficient stringency as to make up for the time and progress that has been lost during the period that the I/M program has been interrupted. No tests should be performed until after tampering has been apparently corrected as determined by exterior inspection of the vehicle.
   (F)   The state legislature shall include in the enforcement area for the Auto Emission Inspection Program, all of Bernalillo County, the urbanized areas in northeast Valencia County, and the urbanized areas in southern Sandoval County. If it is the will of the Legislature, the city is willing to conduct the inspection programs for the entire enforcement area.
(Res. 202-1984, approved 12-10-84)