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   (A)   The Public Works Department shall present to the City Council biannual reports detailing the progress of Albuquerque and surrounding area flood control projects. this report, at a minimum, should contain the following information for each project:
      (1)   Short project description which includes the physical location of the project;
      (2)   Project identification number which is consistent over documents provided by the Public Works Department;
      (3)   Total project cost, amount appropriated, legislation containing the appropriation, amount encumbered, planned and actual expenditures for current fiscal year and cumulative to date, planned expenditures for future fiscal years until completion of the project, document containing the project plan;
      (4)   A calendar schedule for completion of the different stages of project and identification of the current stage of the project;
      (5)   Such other information which the Department of Public Works and the City Council determine is appropriate for inclusion.
   (B)   If feasible, it is suggested that the Public Works Department use the Albuquerque Geographic information System (AGIS) to store and display information concerning these projects.
   (C)   The first report be presented in January of 1991 and thereafter.
(Res. 136-1990, approved 10-15-90; Am. Res. 26-1993, approved 3-4-93)