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§ 3-5-16 PRO RATA.
   (A)   Policy No. 12 - Pro rata. Under some circumstances the city or a private developer may advance the cost of the installation of main lines, water distribution or sewer collector lines for which abutting or accessible property owners may be obligated under these policies to contribute a portion of the cost. When such obligation arises, the property owner shall pay to the city the appropriate pro rata share of the installation cost at the time application for service connection permits are made. Pro rata charges established prior to the adoption of this policy shall remain in full force and effect.
   (B)   Policy No. 13 - Method of determining pro rata share. Pro rata share of total costs shall be based on an equitable method of determining benefit which may include a front foot, area or other equitable method.
(Res. 20-1984, approved 2-28-84)