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Albuquerque Overview
Albuquerque Code of Ordinances
Charter of the City of Albuquerque
Administrative Instructions
Albuquerque Table of Resolutions
Albuquerque Code of Resolutions
Integrated Development Code
Personnel Rules and Regulations
   (A)   Policy No. 7 - Financing of construction.
      (1)   Property owners shall be responsible for the equivalent cost of water and/or sewer lines that are accessible to or can serve the property:
         (a)   The cost of eight inch water and/or sanitary sewer lines shall be assumed for land zoned to allow and proposed to be used for residences which are single family detached, townhouses, duplexes or triplexes served by common or individual meters; and mobile homes served by individual meters;
         (b)   The cost of 12 inch water and/or sanitary sewer lines shall be assumed for all other land.
      (2)   In situations not covered by other policies herein, the cost or design and construction of water and sewer lines will be paid for by the petitioner or property owner.
   (B)   Policy No. 8 - Master plan lines sizes 14 inches and larger. Master plan water and sanitary sewer lines in sizes 14 inches and larger shall be installed as follows:
      (1)   Master plan lines when installed primarily for the purpose of facilitating the use of any existing master plan facilities by completion of a portion of the Master Plan System, will be installed by the city.
      (2)   Master plan lines requested in advance of funding in the Capital Improvement Program or unprogrammed Master plan line extensions of either water lines or sanitary sewer lines estimated to cost the city more than $20,000 may be designed and constructed, provided there are city funds available, with the petitioner advancing that portion of the estimated cost in excess of $20,000. If applicable, the equivalent cost of lines as set forth in Policy 7(1) will be prorated as provided herein. Upon receipt of 80% of the prorated design and construction cost of the line serving the intervening abutting property, the petitioner will be reimbursed for the remaining cost of the Master Plan Line.
   (C)   Policy No. 9 - City owned property. Water or sewer lines which are installed in streets or easements abutting or accessible to city property shall obligate the Department to pay the city's share of the installation cost, as would be required of any other property owner. Payment shall be from a special line item of the operating or capital improvements budget; this expense shall not be borne by the water and/or sewer rates.
   (D)   Policy No. 10 - Increase in system.
      (1)   This policy applies to any petitioner who proposes a development which:
         (a)   Would require water and/or sanitary sewer line construction in order to meet the increase in anticipated domestic water and/or sanitary sewer usage or in order to meet required fire flows beyond available system capacities, as determined by the Department; or
         (b)   Would require shoestring extension of the water system that could not provide standard city service, as determined by the Department; or
         (c)   Would require construction of major facilities for water system production, storage and distribution, or for pumping and collection facilities for sewage treatment works, which major improvements would be needed in advance of funding called for in the Capital Improvements Program.
      (2)   Development of such water and/or sewer system improvements shall be accomplished by:
         (a)   Design and construction supplied by petitioner through city turnkey procedure; or
         (b)   Funds for design and construction advanced to the city by the petitioner; petitioner shall be reimbursed by the city for the facilities cost in excess of those costs for which petitioner is otherwise obligated; reimbursement, without interest, will be made when such system facilities are approved as city projects in the Capital Improvements Program and are funded, whether through sale of bonds or otherwise.
   (E)   Policy No. 11 - Criteria for apportionment of charges. In those situations where the property owner may be responsible for part or all of the cost of main lines, sewer collector lines and water distribution lines, the following criteria shall be used in determining the extent of such responsibility:
      (1)   Generally.
         (a)   The property may be either improved or unimproved;
         (b)   Water and/or sewer lines must adjoin the property or be otherwise accessible to it;
         (c)   The line(s) must be able to service the property, i.e., proper size, proper elevation, pressure, etc.;
         (d)   The present or future use of the property must indicate a necessity for water and/or sewer service.
         (e)   In determining the use of the property, there shall be taken into consideration the highest and best use for which the property may be reasonably and legitimately adapted whether it be present or future use. However, any such future use must be more than merely speculation or conjecture. Factors to be taken into consideration in making this determination are:
            1.   Size of the property;
            2.   Present use;
            3.   Future use:
               a.   Zoning;
               b.   Platting;
               c.   Development and relationship of surrounding area;
               d.   Growth patterns;
               e.   Access;
               f.   Adopted city/county plans;
               g.   Other.
         (f)   The method of determining such charge may be on a front foot, area or other equitable basis.
      (2)   Residential zoned property whether platted, unplatted, subdivided, or unsubdivided that has water and/or sewer lines on more than one side.
         (a)   The charge is to be based upon the shortest side of the lot adjoining such line unless service is to be taken from more than one line, then the charge shall be for all such lines connected to.
         (b)   In the event the property is unsubdivided or unplatted, it will be assumed to be divided to provide five dwelling units per acre.
         (c)   In the event the lines are not installed concurrently, then the charge is to be based upon the first line installed.
         (d)   The cost of installation of such water and sewer lines that are exempted herein shall be prorated among the other properties benefited therefrom.
      (3)   Other property that has water and/or sewer lines on more than one side. Such property shall be charged for all adjoining lines as provided for herein.
      (4)   Loop lines and fire protection. Notwithstanding the provisions herein, if water loop lines or lines for fire protection are necessary to provide adequate service and/or fire protection to the property, it shall be charged for such lines.
(Res. 20-1984, approved 2-28-84)