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   (A)   Policy No. 6 - Private systems. Private system additions to existing system facilities, that are required for provision of service to a development or a proposed development will be allowed, provided that the following conditions are met:
      (1)   The private system meets all specifications, design requirements and applicable health standards as established by the Department or otherwise required by law;
      (2)   The total system design and construction costs shall be the responsibility of the petitioner;
      (3)   Maintenance, operation and power costs of the added facility shall be an additional responsibility of the ultimate users within the development;
      (4)   Private system additions shall basically be allowed only one connection point to the city system. Developments requiring connection at more than one point, due to service requirements, pressure considerations and/or fire flow requirements, may be allowed, provided that separately metered areas are not interconnected;
      (5)   Water lines for private fire protection will be allowed only one connection;
      (6)   Manifolding of meters will not be permitted; and
      (7)   The subject development conforms to the Albuquerque/ Bernalillo County Comprehensive Plan and related policy instruments as determined by the city.
(Res. 20-1984, approved 2-28-84)