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Albuquerque Overview
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Personnel Rules and Regulations
   (A)   Policy No. 4 - Water service line connections. Water service lines may be connected to water lines if the Department finds that size, type function and feasibility of connection to the line permits connection; such connection is usually not workable on lines over 16 inches in diameter. Lines used as transmission lines or well collector lines shall not be connected to for service. All connection shall comply with city standards and specifications.
   (B)   Policy No. 5 - Sewer service line connections. Service connections shall be made at right angles to the sewer collector line and such connection shall not be made to lines with design capacities (peak flow conditions) at point of connection, greater than 3.0 MGD, velocities of less than two feet per second or lines with a nominal diameter of 15 inches or larger. All sewer service line connections must conform to city standards and specifications.
(Res. 20-1984, approved 2-28-84)