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Charter of the City of Albuquerque
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Personnel Rules and Regulations
§ 3-5-10 PREFACE.
   (A)   The policies set forth herein with the exception of Policy 14 are generally to regulate and control the development, extension and expansion, including connection, of water and sewer facilities within the city limits, although some may also be applicable outside the city limits.
   (B)   Some of these policies may be affected by other policies and ordinances including but not limited to the Development Process Manual (DPM), Standby Ordinances and Policies, various Master Plans and the Water and Sewer Ordinance. In the event there are any apparent conflicts between such ordinances, and/or policies and this policy, there shall first be an attempt to construe, them together in order to resolve any such conflict. If such construction cannot resolve the conflict then any applicable ordinance shall control and then this policy shall be applied.
(Res. 20-1984, approved 2-28-84)