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   (A)   The Albuquerque Water Resources Management Strategy is hereby adopted as the city's water supply policy.
   (B)   The incremental water and sewer enterprise rate increase to be adopted to implement the Albuquerque Water Resources Management Strategy shall be as follows: FY/1998 - 4.7%; FY/1999 - 4.7%; FY/2000 - 4.5%; FY/2001 - 4.5%; FY/2002 - 4.5%; FY/2003 - 4.5%; FY/2004 - 4.5%. The Mayor shall insure that funding for on-going operations, maintenance, capital, and fund management policies of the Water and Sewer Enterprise are not compromised through dedicated rate increases to implement the Water Resources Management Strategy. The Water Resources Management Strategy document shall be amended as appropriate to reflect these policies.
   (C)   The Mayor is directed to implement the policies and projects identified in the strategy.
   (D)   The Mayor is directed to report to the City Council semi-annually regarding progress on the implementation of the Albuquerque Water Resources Management Strategy.
(Res. 40-1997, approved 5-19-97)