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   (A)   The Ground Water Protection Policy and Action Plan (GPPAP), attached to Resolution No. 81-1994, is hereby adopted.
   (B)   The Mayor, through the Policy Coordinating Committee (PCC), will begin implementation of the GPPAP by drafting and submitting for approval the city and county ordinances establishing an advisory Ground-Water Protection Board, the Board's structure and tasks, and the Board's level of authority. These Board issues will be reevaluated three years after the adoption of this section.
   (C)   The PCC, in consultation with the City and County Attorneys, will also draft aid submit for approval a joint Powers Agreement between the city and the county which outlines administrative and financial responsibility for implementation of the GPPAP.
   (D)   The members of the citizens' Ground-Water Protection Advisory Committee are hereby thanked for their active participation in the development and adoption of this Plan. Committee members who wish to remain involved in the GPPAP process will be invited to serve as a citizens' review committee for the proposed ordinances and Joint Powers Agreement.
   (E)   Amendments of the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Comprehensive Plan to designate the Crucial Area on the map and to define Crucial Area in the Water Quality policies will be proposed following adoption of the GPPAP.
   (F)   The county Departments of Public Works and Zoning, Building, and Planning will be invited to participate in the PCC.
(Res. 81-1994, approved 8-12-94)