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   (A)   The Solid Waste Department with the cooperation and assistance of the Office of Neighborhood Services shall conduct quarterly neighborhood meetings with neighborhood groups and other interested parties, beginning in January of each year, in order to determine:
      (1)   Possible problems which may arise with respect to health issues associated with the convenience centers.
      (2)   Traffic congestion and other related issues which may affect the neighborhoods.
      (3)   Problems pertaining to litter associated with the area in and around the convenience centers.
      (4)   Possible ways to make the convenience centers fit into the neighborhood by enhancing the aesthetic qualities of the centers.
   (B)   The Solid Waste Department shall provide the City Council with a report on the meeting required herein, and shall provide responses to neighborhood concerns, within 30 days of the meetings.
(Res. 164-1990, approved 11-15-90)