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   (A)   The city shall consult with concerned citizen groups that are interested in the preservation of the Minge collection and the State of new Mexico, County of Sandoval and the Village of Corrales to develop a plan which addresses the concerns and suggestions for preserving the collection housed at Casa San Ysidro.
   (B)   The Administration shall report to the Council concerning its consultations with concerned citizen groups, State of New Mexico, the County of Sandoval and the Village of Corrales and the plan developed by the city as a result of the consultations to keep the Minge collections at Casa San Ysidro within 30 days.
   (C)   Any plan which entails the movement of the collection from the current Casa San Ysidro site shall require the approval of the City Council.
(Res. 38-2003, adopted 5-5-03; Am. Res. 6-2004, adopted 1-5-04)