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   (A)   The following policies and guidelines are established for the development of the City information technology and electronic commerce:
      (1)   City information, not specifically excluded from the public domain by other ordinances or laws, should be made available to the public via the World Wide Web (web), with an emphasis on usability and friendliness to residents.
      (2)   The City shall create the infrastructure necessary to enable web and other electronic City-related business transactions, such as but not limited to obtaining City services, obtaining City permits, enrolling in City programs, and paying bills for City services. The City shall also establish a customer relations management system to handle non-emergency incoming calls for City services. This system shall be connected to the City's website so that the public can conduct more business on the Internet.
      (3)   The City shall continue to protect the integrity of its internal information infrastructure from external malicious attempts to disrupt operations or otherwise corrupt data.
      (4)   The City shall in franchise negotiations encourage telecommunication and cable providers to connect all City households and businesses to broadband access as soon as reasonably possible.
      (5)   In general, the City views electronic information, dissemination and commerce services as an important basic municipal service, and the Council wants the City to be in the first rank of municipalities in providing such services.
   (B)   The City's Information Services Committee (ISC) shall undertake a survey of municipal e-commerce services nationwide and identify such services, and perhaps other ideas developed by ISC, that are appropriate to the policies set out in this Resolution. The ISC shall also create a sub-task force made up of City staff, City residents and business people to determine what information would be useful to the public. The ISC shall by March 15, 2001 provide to Council a list and proposed timetable, with estimated costs to the extent possible, for establishing the City as among the most effective municipalities in providing electronic information access and services.
(Res. 6-2001, approved 1-10-01)