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Albuquerque Overview
Albuquerque Code of Ordinances
Charter of the City of Albuquerque
Administrative Instructions
Albuquerque Table of Resolutions
Albuquerque Code of Resolutions
Integrated Development Code
Personnel Rules and Regulations
   (A)   The disposal of all stray or abandoned animals by the Animal Control Division of the city shall be accomplished by injection of sodium pentobarbital or a derivative thereof.
   (B)   Personnel administering the injections shall be trained and instructed in proper humane animal disposal procedures.
   (C)   Sodium pentobarbital shall be purchased, stored, and controlled under applicable federal, state, and city regulations.
   (D)   Necessary equipment shall be purchased and facilities shall be prepared for administering euthanasia by injection for stray or abandoned animals.
   (E)   Such devices as a decompression chamber, for the euthanasia of animals, shall not be used for the destruction of animals.
   (F)   A representative of the Mayor shall maintain accurate records and security for the use of all drugs, including sodium pentobarbital, used in the humane destruction of animals.
(Res. 156-1977, approved 9-1-77)