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Albuquerque Overview
Albuquerque Code of Ordinances
Charter of the City of Albuquerque
Administrative Instructions
Albuquerque Table of Resolutions
Albuquerque Code of Resolutions
Integrated Development Code
Personnel Rules and Regulations
   (A)   A seven-member City Charter Review Task Force shall be appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Council to review and evaluate all areas of the City Charter, including those sections which have been challenged as well as the unchallenged sections. The Task Force shall be a blue ribbon group, whose members are well respected in the community. Among the members shall be citizens who are knowledgeable as to municipal government organization in Albuquerque and/or in general. Membership shall include attorneys respected in the area of municipal and constitutional law.
   (B)   The Task Force shall be governed by Chapter 2, Article 6, R.O.A. 1994, except the term of appointment shall be six months, or until its final report is presented.
   (C)   The charge of the Task Force, which shall be liberally construed, shall be to examine any and all articles, sections, and provisions of the City Charter for the purpose of recommending any amendments to the Charter deemed appropriate.
   (D)   The Task Force shall present its recommendations to the Mayor and the Council in the form of a final report.
   (E)   The Task Force shall hold one or more public hearings at which the citizens of the city shall be encouraged to give their views on the Charter.
   (F)   The Office of the Mayor and the Council Services Department shall cooperate in providing staff and financial support necessary to assist the Task Force.
(Res. 47-1988, approved 3-30-88; Am. Res. 89-1998, approved 9-28-98)