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   (A)   The city's right-of-way for Paseo del Norte west, between the northern and southern parts of the Monument which are determined by the city's Department of Municipal Development, not to be needed for the actual road construction or maintenance of the area shall, along with cultural and archaeological resources therein, be preserved to the extent possible and shall be designated as part of the City of Albuquerque major public open space system. It shall be the policy of the City of Albuquerque to permanently protect and preserve this unused right-of-way as city open space.
   (B)   It shall be the policy of the City of Albuquerque to acquire, as soon as reasonably practicable, additional land for buffer land or open space adjacent to the Monument, including land in the Volcano Cliffs area and the Northern Geological Window area, and the city shall petition the National Park Service to include these lands within the Monument.
   (C)   Designated bicycle lanes and pedestrian trails within the Paseo del Norte project and connections to existing trails adjacent to the Paseo del Norte project shall be implemented concurrently with the completion of the road project.
   (D)   The design for Paseo del Norte shall include the following design features:
      (1)   Low noise asphalt and a high quality sound wall. The sound walls shall be designed to protect the surrounding neighborhoods and shall be aesthetically pleasing to blend with the natural vegetation and landscape of the area, using native materials where possible;
      (2)   Appropriate landscaping that recognizes the environmental and cultural amenities in the area;
      (3)   Consultation with an environmental scientist and archaeologist regarding preservation of the natural drainage and ecological corridors that promote area wildlife and plant habitat, the mitigation of the impact on cultural resources, and the provision of recreation trails and trail connections along the escarpment;
      (4)   Construction of the road, to the extent reasonably possible, shall consider cultural and archaeological resources within the right-of-way;
      (5)   Design of the road shall incorporate a method of construction such that the road way is as inconspicuous as reasonably possible from the Monument, as determined by the city's Department of Municipal Development.
   (E)   After the completion of the Paseo del Norte extension and the Unser Boulevard projects, it shall be the policy of the City of Albuquerque that no other roads traversing the Monument shall be built.
   (F)   The City of Albuquerque shall seek to obtain the advice of various Native American communities regarding the relocation and disposition of any archaeological resources displaced as a result of the road construction.
   (G)   Within 60 days of the adoption of this resolution, the city shall make a reasonable effort to implement a formal process for seeking consultation from local federally recognized tribes throughout the implementation of this resolution. The city shall work with the All Indian Pueblo Council to develop the formal process.
   (H)   In accordance with the ordinance providing for 1% of each bond purpose to be included as an amount for works of art, that 1% of the bond amount for the Paseo del Norte extension project shall be spent for art within the project area and such public art projects shall include environmental, cultural and archaeological aspects of the area.
   (I)   Upon the completion of the Unser extension called for in the 2004 street bond proposal, the existing Atrisco Boulevard roadway through Boca Negra Canyon shall be disconnected as a through street for vehicular traffic and may be used as a bicycle and pedestrian trail. All automobile traffic, except emergency vehicles and Open Space Division vehicles, shall be prohibited.
   (J)   It shall be the policy of the City of Albuquerque that no residential, industrial or commercial development, including new roadways and utility easements, shall be allowed on land owned by the City of Albuquerque within the Petroglyph National Monument, except for roadways and utility easements that solely serve the Monument. Land owned by the City of Albuquerque within the Monument shall not be sold or traded for development. This section is not intended to apply to the construction of the Paseo del Norte extension or Unser Boulevard.
(Res. R-2005-079, approved 6-13-05)