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   (A)   The Mayor and his staff shall not approve, commit to, or cause the construction of any public improvement which would have significant adverse impact on the West Mesa Escarpment and its vicinity; this area of concern is defined in Attachment A of Resolution No. 22-1987, which is made a part hereof. Notwithstanding the above, an exception may be made for compelling public need as described in division (B).
   (B)   If the director of a city department which is considering approval, commitment, or preparation of work of the type and location described above concludes that it is or may be justified to proceed with such work, he shall ask the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department and the Director of the Planning Department for their evaluations. The opinions of the approving or initiating department, the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, and the Director of the Planning Department shall be sent to the Mayor who shall personally decide if the plan or construction shall be approved prior to October 1, 1987. Approval shall be given only when:
      (1)   There is no significant adverse impact on the escarpment, important views of the escarpment, or the quiet atmosphere at the escarpment; or
      (2)   There is compelling indication of public need for the work on the public improvement within the time specified.
   (C)   In the event the Mayor approves work as described above, he shall immediately send an executive communication to the Council indicating the character of the action and his evaluation which justified going forward. Material conveyed shall include the staff evaluations sent to the Mayor.
   (D)   Prior to October 1, 1987, the Council will not approve steps to implement special assessment districts for work in the area described in Attachment A of Resolution No. 22-1987.
   (E)   Attachment A of Resolution No. 22-1987 shall not be interpreted to limit review of development in this general area mandated by Resolution No. 104-1986.
(Res. 22-1987, approved 3-25-87)