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401.2   Vacation Leave
Vacation leave will accrue on a biweekly basis from the date of current employment. No vacation leave may be granted before it is accrued. Vacation leave will accrue through December 31 each year and the excess of seventy-eight (78) biweekly accruals will be dropped from the record at the end of the pay period containing December 31 unless the employee is in Early Retirement or has an effective retirement date of 1/1 of the following year. An employee separating from city employment will be compensated for the balance of their unused vacation computed to the date of separation. When a legal holiday, which would have been a regular workday for the employee, occurs during vacation, it shall not be charged as vacation leave but as a holiday.
In the event an employee exhausts their paid vacation leave during a pay period the accruals must be prorated based on the number of paid hours during the pay period.
Part-time employees, classified and unclassified, working twenty (20) hours or more per week will receive vacation leave on a prorated basis.
Employees categorized as temporary, seasonal, student or part time working less than twenty (20) hours per week are not eligible for vacation leave.
A.   Scheduling Vacation Leave
Vacation leave must be approved at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the time it is taken unless specified otherwise by the department director in order to accommodate the particular staffing needs of their departments.
B.   Vacation Accrual Rate
Continuous Service
Regular Workweek
Accrual Per Bi-weekly
Accrual Per
0 to 4
40 hours
56 hours
3.85 hours
5.39 hours
100 hours
140 hours
5 to 9
40 hours
56 hours
4.62 hours
6.47 hours
120 hours
168 hours
10 to 14 years
40 hours
56 hours
5.54 hours
7.76 hours
144 hours
201.60 hours
15 years and more
40 hours
56 hours
6.16 hours
8.62 hours
160 hours
224 hours