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   (A)   It shall be unlawful for any owner, manager, tenant, lessee, occupant, or other person having any legal or equitable interest or right of possession in any real property, vehicle, or other personal property to intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, or negligently commit, conduct, promote, facilitate, permit, fail to prevent, or otherwise let happen, any public nuisance in, on or using any property in which they hold any legal or equitable interest or right of possession.
   (B)   An owner of property whose own activities on the real property are not a nuisance shall not be in violation of this ordinance if the owner has no knowledge of the public nuisance activity and, upon receiving notice of the activity constituting a nuisance, the owner:
      (1)   Demonstrates to the city that the rental agreement for the property contains a provision prohibiting criminal activity;
      (2)   Delivers to the tenant(s) a written notice of termination of the rental agreement as provided by the New Mexico Owner-Resident Relations Act;
      (3)   Files an appropriate report with law enforcement authorities or otherwise cooperates with such authorities in enforcing laws with respect to tenants on the property;
      (4)   Initiates necessary and appropriate legal action to remove residents involved in criminal activity where such activity can be proven;
      (5)   Takes all reasonable and available steps to terminate the public nuisance activity; and
      (6)   Enters into a written Nuisance Abatement Agreement with the City of Albuquerque wherein the property owner agrees to take specific steps including but not limited to providing on-site security or otherwise take action that will abate, terminate or eliminate the public nuisance activity on the property in exchange for the City of Albuquerque reserving its rights and agreeing not to initiate any legal action for public nuisance against the property owner during the term of the agreement provided that the property owner complies with the terms and conditions of the written Nuisance Abatement Agreement and the public nuisance is eliminated, abated or terminated.
      (7)   Victims of domestic violence shall not be identified or named as a defendant in any civil cause of action to abate a public nuisance involving commercial or residential property.
(Ord. 19-2001; Am. Ord. 72-2005)