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   (A)   The operator of a syringe exchange program shall submit annually to the Zoning Enforcement Officer the following information after a permit is initially approved: copies of complaints received, a summary of efforts to resolve those complaints, and the result of such efforts; an updated program description; an updated listing of all board members; updated information about the community response representative; and any changes to the facility’s complaint procedures.
   (B)   If the Zoning Enforcement Officer determines that the program is in violation of City ordinances or regulations, the Zoning Enforcement Officer may revoke the permit. If the Zoning Enforcement Officer determines that the operator of the facility has not attempted to resolve significant complaints received by the operator, the Zoning Enforcement Officer shall refer the matter to the Zoning Hearing Examiner for a public hearing to determine if the permit shall be revoked or if conditions should be attached to the permit approval. The decision of the Zoning Hearing Examiner may be appealed to the Environmental Planning Commission within 15 days after the Zoning Hearing Examiner issues a decision.
(Ord. 55-2001)