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   The owner may appeal the determination of the need for weed or litter removal to the City Hearing Officer by filing an appeal within seven calendar days of the date of service of the notice to remove. Such request shall be made in writing and filed in the Office of the City Clerk. The appeal shall identify the property and state the grounds for appeal together with all material facts in support thereof. A filing fee of $50 shall accompany each appeal application. When a hearing is requested the Hearing Officer shall send written notice by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the owner of the time and place of the hearing. At the hearing the owner shall have the right to present evidence as to the alleged facts upon which the Mayor based the determination of the need for weed or litter removal and any other facts which may aid the Hearing Officer in determining whether this article has been violated. The Hearing Officer shall, following the hearing, issue a written decision. If the decision is that this article has been violated, the decision shall set forth the time within which removal shall be completed by the owner. This decision shall be served in the same manner as the Notice to Remove.
('74 Code, § 6-15-28) (Ord. 89-1967; Am. Ord. 32-1976; Am. Ord. 4-1992)