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Albuquerque Overview
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Personnel Rules and Regulations
   (A)   Adjudicatory hearing. The Hearing Officer shall schedule an adjudicatory hearing to hear appeals as provided herein.
   (B)   Record and testimony. The Mayor shall establish rules or procedures for such hearings.
   (C)   Administrative remedies. Any water customer may request a hearing in the event the Cross-Connection Engineer gives notice to the customer that the customer's water service will be terminated. All other determinations by the Cross-Connection Engineer shall be the final administrative decision. The exclusive remedy for any customer dissatisfied with any final decision of the Cross-Connection Engineer to terminate water service, shall be the filing of a written request for a hearing to review the water termination notice to the Hearing Officer within ten days of the customer's receipt of such notice. Failure of the customer to submit a request for a hearing shall preclude the customer from any appeal of the water termination, including administrative appeal and judicial appeal or review. A hearing shall be promptly called by the Hearing Officer upon the filing of such an appeal. If desired, the appellant may arrange for and pay for a record of the hearing. The water termination shall continue in effect from the effective date given in the notice of water termination until completion of the hearing and the Hearing Officer issues a final determination.
   (D)   Judicial review. The exclusive remedy for any party dissatisfied with any final administrative decision shall be the filing of a petition for writ of certiorari to the District Court within 30 days after written notice of the decision to the concerned party. The petition for review shall be limited to the record of the proceedings of the Hearing Officer.
   (E)   A nonrefundable hearing fee of $50.00 shall accompany each request for hearing by the Hearing Officer filed pursuant to this Section.
(Ord. 42-1995; Am. Ord. 38-2002)