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   Potential applicants for a PID are encouraged to schedule and conduct a pre-application meeting and discussion with City staff. Input provided by City staff shall be of an advisory nature, for the purposes of assisting applicants in submitting completed applications with detail and information required to enable meaningful consideration by the City Council. The purposes of the pre-application meeting shall be to:
   (A)   Make an initial assessment whether the proposed PID appears to be consistent with the City's land use and development policies, zoning and other applicable regulation;
   (B)   To help identify any related City approvals that will be required to permit the PID.
   (C)   To identify other issues specific to the applicant's proposed project that should be addressed in its application, such as compliance with the City's growth policies, utility expansion policies, or other policies, rules or regulations; and
   (D)   To establish a preliminary schedule for (i) the applicant's submittal of a PID application, (ii) City PID staff review of the application for completeness, (iii) City Council meeting or meetings for its consideration of and action on the application.
(Ord. 12-2003)