The Final Plat shall contain all the information required for the Preliminary Plat except existing topography.  The following shall also be included:
   (a)   Boundary of Plat, based on an accurate field survey with angular and lineal dimensions;
   (b)   True angles and distances from an established monument on the Plat to the nearest established Right-of-Way Lines or official monuments (not less than two), accurately described on the Plat;
   (c)   Municipal, township, county, section or adjacent Subdivision lines accurately tied to the lines of the Subdivision by distances and angles;
   (d)   Radii, internal angles, points of curvature, chord bearings and lengths of all chord dimensions;
   (e)   All Lot numbers and lines with accurate dimensions in feet and hundredths of feet;
   (f)   Accurate location of all permanent monuments.  One such monument shall be placed at each corner and at each change of direction of the boundary, at each street intersection, and at the beginning and end of curves on one side of the street;
   (g)   Exact location, width and name of all streets and other public ways;
   (h)   All Easements, accurately located;
   (i)   Accurate outlines and legal description of any areas to be dedicated or reserved for public use, with the purposes indicated thereon, and of any area to be reserved by deed covenant for the common use of all property owners;
   (j)   A statement of certification by a land surveyor registered by the State of Ohio that the Plat represents a survey made by him and that the monuments as shown exist, or will be set, as located and that all dimensional and geodetic details are correct;
   (k)   Notarized certification by the owner or owners of their adoption of the Plat and the dedication by them to public use of the streets and other public areas shown on the Plat; (Ord. 12-2008.  Passed 4-7-08.)
   (l)   Proper form for the approval of the Municipal Planning Commission with space for the signature of the Director of Planning and Building.
   (m)   Space for approval by signature of the Director of Service and Engineering and the City Manager as to the public improvements required.
      (Ord. 09-2013.  Passed 4-15-13.)
   (n)   Proper form for approval and acceptance of Council showing ordinance number, to be signed by the Clerk of Council;
   (o)   Space for transfer by the County Auditor and recording by the County Recorder; and (Ord. 12-2008.  Passed 4-7-08.)
   (p)   The original tracing which will become the permanent record with the County Recorder.  A mylar copy and a digital copy shall be provided to the Director of Service and Engineering, and that shows all approvals and the date and place of recording, shall be supplied by the owner to the Director of Service and Engineering as local public records.  (Ord. 09-2013.  Passed 4-15-13.)