Minimum Elevations
1105.01   Purpose.
1105.02   Definitions.
1105.03   Application of chapter and reference material.
1105.04   Establishment of a development permit.
1105.05   Grade from southerly City limits to southerly limits of Riverlea.
1105.06   Grade between northerly limits of Riverlea and Dublin-Granville Road.
1105.07   Grade between Dublin-Granville Road and northerly line of Medick Estates.
1105.08   Grade between northerly  line of Medick Estates and southerly line of  Worthington Estates.
1105.09   Grade between southerly and northerly lines of Worthington Estates.
1105.10   Grade between northerly line of Worthington Estates and the northerly City limits.
1105.11   Compliance with elevations required.
1105.12   Flood plain land.
1105.13   Designation of Flood Damage Prevention Administrator.
1105.14   Variance procedure.
      Contours to appear on preliminary plat - see P. & Z. 1101.12(b)(6)
      Building sites and streets to comply with minimum elevations - see P. & Z. 1101.13(b)
      Area designated "F-1" Flood Plain District - see P. & Z. 1141.02(a)