TITLE SEVEN - Zoning General Provisions
         Chap.  1170.     Signs.
         Chap.  1171.     Off-Street Parking and Loading.
         Chap.  1173.     Special Provisions for Residential Uses.
         Chap.  1174.    PUD Planned Unit Development.
         Chap.  1175.     Special Provisions for Commercial and Industrial Uses.
         Chap.  1177.     Architectural District.
         Chap.  1178.  Olentangy River Road Corridor Overlay District.
         Chap.  1179.     Wireless Telecommunications Systems, Antennae and Antenna Towers.
         Chap.  1180.  Fences, Shrubbery and Hedges.
         Chap.  1181.  Wilson Bridge Corridor Districts.