Definitions, Requirements and Standards
1101.01   Definitions.
1101.02   Application of Subdivision Regulations.
1101.03   Traffic and environmental impact of subdivisions.
1101.04   Street standards.
1101.05   Lot and block standards.
1101.06   Public area standards and payments.
1101.07   Required improvements; cost borne by owner.
1101.08   Submission of preliminary plat; filing fee; notice to abutting owners.
1101.09   Preliminary plat contents.
1101.10   Preliminary plat  recommendation.
1101.11   Final plat submission and recommendation: filing fee.
1101.12   Final plat contents.
1101.13   Conceptual utility plan contents.
1101.14   Land transfer prior to final plat approval.
1101.15   Bonds for improvements; deposits.
1101.16   Obligations of owner.
1101.17   Procedure for subdivision without plat; filing fee.
      Municipal Planning Commission to supervise subdivision platting - see CHTR. 6.03(2)
      See sectional histories for similar State law
      Plats and contents - see Ohio R.C. 711.01 et seq.
      Cornerstones and permanent markers - see Ohio R.C. 711.03, 711.14
      Plat acknowledgement and recording - see Ohio R.C. 711.06
      Fee of designated public land to vest when plat recorded - see Ohio R.C. 711.07, 711.11
      Council to hold public hearing on general platting rules and regulations - see Ohio R.C. 711.101
      Violations of rules and regulations - see Ohio R.C. 711.102
      Unlawful transfer of lots - see Ohio R.C. 711.13, 711.15
      Planning authority approval without plat - see Ohio R.C. 711.131
      Easements not accepted in subdivision plat approval - see S. & P.S. 901.03