General Provisions
   33.01   Fiscal year designated
   33.02   Annual tax levy
   33.03   Annual tax for payment of interest on bonds, sinking fund
   33.04   When taxes due and payable; to whom paid
   33.05   Public notice
   33.06   Notification to taxpayer of taxes due
   33.07   Rate of tax
   33.08   Duty of County Tax Collector
   33.09   Manager to administer budget
Delinquent Tax Procedure
   33.25   Penalty for nonpayment of taxes
   33.26   Lien
   33.27   Execution for delinquent taxes
   33.28   Fees and charges for execution
   33.29   Levy of executions
   33.30   Suspension of sale upon claim of previous payment or unjust assessment of taxes
   33.31   Presumption from failure to raise the claim of previous payment or unjust assessment
   33.32   Advertisement of tax sale
   33.33   Conduct of sale
   33.34   Receipt and duplicate warrant given to purchaser
   33.35   Purchase of land at tax sale by town
   33.36   Disposition of proceeds of sale
   33.37   Redemption
   33.38   Waste during redemption period
   33.39   Title to purchaser upon failure to redeem
   33.40   Tax Collector’s deed as evidence of title
   33.41   Tax Collector’s bond to cover money collected by him or her pursuant to executions
   33.42   Responsibility of Tax Collector for execution and collection
   33.43   Proceedings before Town Council for relief of taxpayer
   33.44   Recovery of collection costs