New Charter, March 3, 1903
Editor’s note:
   A prior Charter went into effect December 19, 1886 and continued in force until the Charter of March 7, 1903 was adopted. That Charter placed Winnsboro under the general law for the government of municipalities. A petition to accomplish this was submitted to the qualified electors of the town on February 5, 1902.
The State of South Carolina)
    Executive Department)
   By Secretary of State
   Whereas, the Town of Winnsboro in the State of South Carolina, heretofore incorporated, is desirous of surrendering its Charter and accepting incorporation under the provisions of Article 2, Chapter 49 of Volume I of the Code of Laws of 1902. And whereas, the Town Council of the Town has submitted the question to vote of the qualified electors and has certified the result, accompanied by the sworn returns of the managers of the said election, by which it appears that the vote was in favor of surrendering the Charter and accepting incorporation under that Article.
   Now, I, J.T. Gantt, Secretary of State, by virtue of the authority in me vested by Article 2, Chapter 49 of Volume I of the Code of Laws of 1902, do hereby certify that the Town of Winnsboro is duly incorporated with privileges, powers and immunities, and subject to the limitations prescribed by that Article 2, Chapter 40 of Volume I.
   Given under my Hand and Seal of the State of South Carolina this the third day of March, 1903, and 127th year of the Independence of the United States of America.
J.T. Gantt,
Secretary of State
   Seal of the State of South Carolina
   Recorded in the office of R.M.C., for Fairfield County this 7th day of March, 1903, in Book of Charters, Page 76.
   JNO. W. LYLES, R.M.C.
(1995 Code, Supplementary Facts, New Charter)