Chapter 10.24
   10.24.010   Manner of parking.
   10.24.020   Prohibited parking.
   10.24.030   Parking in pay-parking zones.
   10.24.040   Prohibited parking, snow emergency.
   10.24.050   Parking for certain purposes prohibited.
   10.24.060   Parking authority of Village Manager.
   10.24.070   No parking, certain streets and places.
   10.24.080   Parking of buses and taxicabs.
   10.24.090   Parking on private property.
   10.24.100   Parking in Village off-street parking lots or facilities.
   10.24.110   Parking violations--Owner's responsibility--Definitions--Penalties--Pre-court payment--Final notice.
   10.24.120   Unauthorized use of parking places reserved for handicapped persons.
   10.24.130   Repealed by MC-8-2012
   10.24.140   Repealed by MC-8-2012