91.01   Definitions
   91.02   Removal of motor vehicles by Police Department
   91.03   Permits, applications and fees
   91.04   Tow truck requirements
   91.05   Insurance and expiration of permits
   91.06   Inspection of tow truck equipment and storage facilities used in the tow truck business
   91.07   Police nonconsent tows
   91.08   Towing charges; storage
   91.09   Towing fee studies
   91.10   Police officers not to influence selection of tow truck service
   91.11   Soliciting tow truck business on city streets prohibited
   91.12   Pound hauls and impounded vehicles
   91.13   Duties of permit holders on permit list
   91.14   Removal of motor vehicles from private property; abandoned vehicles
   91.15   Uses of tow truck without city permit prohibited
   91.16   Revocation of permits
   91.17   Procedures for suspension or revocation of permits; appeals
   91.18   Appeals; grievances by permit holder
   91.19   Tow of certain illegally parked motor vehicles; procedure for vehicle owners to contest tow; hearings
   91.20   Records required of tow truck permittees
   91.99   Penalty