§ 154.266 YIELD PLAN.
   (A)   Developers may elect to submit a yield plan to be used as the basis for determining the maximum number of dwelling units allowed prior to bonus calculations.
   (B)   Yield plans (subdivision plans) must be prepared by an engineer, surveyor, professional planner or other qualified professional.
   (C)   The yield plan must be prepared in sufficient detail and include sufficient backup documentation to illustrate the maximum number of dwelling units that would realistically be allowed on the property under conventional subdivision design, in compliance with this chapter, the Zoning Ordinance, Water Resource Ordinances, Stormwater Management Ordinance and all other applicable ordinances.
   (D)   Yield plans must be reviewed and approved by the Chief Subdivision Engineer as part of the plat approval process for the conservation design subdivision.
(Ord. passed 7-8-1970; Res. 09-167, passed 6-18-2009)