General Provisions
   52.001   Purpose; objectives
   52.002   Definitions
   52.003   Abbreviations
Regulations Governing Sewer Use
   52.015   General discharge prohibitions
   52.016   Use of public sewers required
   52.017   Private sewage disposal
   52.018   Prohibitions on discharges
   52.019   Prohibition of storm drainage and groundwater
   52.020   Prohibition of unpolluted water
   52.021   Limitations on radioactive wastes
   52.022   Limitations on use of garbage grinders
   52.023   Limitations on point of discharge
   52.024   Holding tank wastes
   52.025   Limitations on wastewater strength
   52.026   Disposal of unacceptable waste
   52.027   Special provisions concerning discharges to public sanitary sewers
   52.028   Federal categorical pretreatment standards
   52.029   Modification of federal categorical pretreatment standards
   52.030   State requirements
   52.031   Town’s right of revision
   52.032   Excessive discharge
   52.033   Accidental discharges
Wastewater Volume Determination
   52.045   Metered water supply
Discharge Report; Wastewater Discharge Permits
   52.060   Wastewater discharges
   52.061   Discharge reports
   52.062   Wastewater discharge permits
   52.063   Permit modifications
   52.064   Reporting requirements for permittee
   52.065   Monitoring facilities
   52.066   Inspection and sampling
   52.067   Pretreatment
   52.068   Protection from accidental discharge
   52.069   Control manhole
   52.070   Flow control measuring equipment
   52.071   Confidential information
Wastewater Charges and Fees
   52.085   Schedule of charges and fees
   52.086   Types of charges and fees
   52.087   Basis for determination of surcharges
   52.088   Method of determining surcharges
   52.089   Method of determining charge rates
   52.090   Sampling procedures and analysis
   52.091   Sampling small industries
Administration and Enforcement
   52.105   Duties of user upon unlawful discharges
   52.106   Injunction and abatement
   52.107   Termination of service; revocation of permits; issuance of cease and desist orders
   52.108   Notification of violation
   52.109   Show cause hearing
   52.110   Testimony to be taken under oath and recorded at hearings
   52.111   Orders to discontinue sewer service
Fats, Oils and Grease Control
   52.120   Scope and purpose
   52.121   Definitions
   52.122   Grease interceptor maintenance, record keeping and grease removal
   52.999   Penalty
   General water and sewer definitions, see § 51.01
   Separate meters, see § 51.02