71.001   Maximum speed limits
   71.002   Slow speed
   71.003   Special speed limitations
   71.004   Racing on streets and highways prohibited
Driving on Right Side of Roadway, Overtaking, and Passing
   71.015   Driving upon right side of roadway; exceptions
   71.016   Passing to right when proceeding in opposite directions
   71.017   Overtaking, passing to left; driver’s duties
   71.018   Overtaking and passing upon right
   71.019   Overtaking, passing to left of center
   71.020   Additional restrictions on driving upon left side of roadway
   71.021   Hazardous or no passing zones
   71.022   One-way roadways and rotary traffic islands
   71.023   Driving in marked lanes or continuous lines of traffic
   71.024   Following too closely
   71.025   Driving upon divided roadways
   71.026   Entering and exiting controlled-access highway
Turning and Starting and Signals on Stopping and Turning
   71.040   Conformity with provisions required
   71.041   Right turns
   71.042   Left turns on two-way roadways
   71.043   Left turns on other than two-way roadways
   71.044   Specified turns at intersections
   71.045   U turns restricted
   71.046   Signals before changing course; turning or stopping
   71.047   Signals to be given by hand and arm or signal device
   71.048   Hand and arm signals
   71.060   Right-of-way at intersections
   71.061   Right-of-way when turning left
   71.062   Right-of-way at through street or highway or stop intersections
   71.063   Driving onto roadway from private road or driveway; duty to yield
   71.064   Right-of-way of emergency vehicle
   71.065   Turning into private driveway, alley, or building
   71.080   Driving unsafe vehicles; application; farm and road equipment exceptions
   71.081   When lighted lights required
   71.082   Measurement of distances and heights
   71.083   Headlights on motor vehicles and motorcycles
   71.084   Tail light; illumination of rear license plate
   71.085   Red light or red flag on extended loads
   71.086   Lights on parked or stopped vehicles
   71.087   Lights on slow-moving vehicles
   71.088   Spotlights and auxiliary lights
   71.089   Signal lamps and signal devices
   71.090   Cowl, fender, and back-up lights; flashing hazard lights
   71.091   Multiple-beam road-lighting equipment requirements
   71.092   Use of headlight beams
   71.093   Single-beam road lighting equipment
   71.094   Lights on motorcycles, motor-driven cycles, and mopeds
   71.095   Alternate road-lighting equipment
   71.096   Number of driving lights required or permitted
   71.097   Special restrictions on lights
   71.098   Motor vehicle or motorcycle brakes
   71.099   Inspection of brakes on motorcycles, motor-driven cycles, and mopeds
   71.100   Horn, siren, and theft alarm signal
   71.101   Muffler; muffler cutout; excessive smoke, gas, or noise
   71.102   Rear-view mirror
   71.103   Windshield to be unobstructed; windshield wiper
   71.104   Tire equipment restrictions
   71.105   Safety glass in motor vehicles
   71.106   Vehicles transporting explosives
   71.107   Television receiver in driver’s view prohibited
   71.108   Safety equipment for motorcyclists, motorcycles, motor-driven cycles, and mopeds
   71.109   Certification labels on mopeds
   71.110   Child passenger safety devices required; child safety seats and booster seats
   71.111   Alteration of suspension system
   71.112   Sun screening devices
   71.113   Operation of vehicles with safety belts
   71.114   Use of engine compression brakes prohibited
Size, Weight, and Load
   71.125   Oversize or overweight vehicles
   71.126   Projecting loads on passenger vehicles
   71.127   Maximum width, height, and length
   71.128   Loads dropping or leaking
   71.129   Towing requirements
Miscellaneous Rules
   71.140   Unattended motor vehicle
   71.141   Backing a vehicle
   71.142   Driver’s view and control to be unobstructed by load or persons
   71.143   Passengers in seat with operator
   71.144   Passengers on running board
   71.145   Following authorized emergency vehicles
   71.146   Approaching authorized emergency vehicles
   71.147   Driving over fire hose
   71.148   Opening door of vehicle on traffic side
   71.149   Boarding or alighting from vehicle
   71.150   Unlawful riding
   71.151   Squealing tires, cracking exhaust noises
   71.152   Taking, injuring, or tampering with vehicle
   71.153   Driving upon sidewalk, street lawn, or curb
   71.154   Shortcutting; avoiding traffic control devices
   71.155   Coasting prohibited
   71.156   Driving through safety zone
   71.157   Driving upon street posted as closed for repair
   71.158   Obstruction of traffic
   71.159   Vehicle security
   71.160   Vehicle regulations on park property
   71.161   Motorized scooters
   71.175   Compliance with traffic regulations
   71.176   Right-of-way in crosswalk
   71.177   Crossing roadway outside of crosswalk
   71.178   Drivers to exercise due care
   71.179   Moving upon right half of crosswalk
   71.180   Walking along streets and highways; soliciting rides
   71.181   Persons working on streets and highways
   71.182   Protection of blind pedestrians
   71.183   Electric personal assistive mobility device
   71.195   Compliance; application to bicycles
   71.196   Obedience to traffic rules; exceptions
   71.197   Riding upon seats; number of persons
   71.198   Attaching bicycle or sled to vehicle
   71.199   Riding on roadways and bicycle paths
   71.200   Carrying articles
   71.201   Lights and reflector on bicycle; signal device; brakes
   71.202   Reckless operation; control, course, and speed
   71.203   Parental duties
   71.204   Riding on sidewalk prohibited
   71.205   Bicycle helmets for children
All-Terrain Vehicles
   71.220   Definitions
   71.221   Acts prohibited by operators
   71.222   Safety awareness courses
   71.223   Local government authority to regulate
   71.224   ATV rental dealers required to provide safety equipment
   71.225   Private property exemption
   71.226   Exemption for farm, commercial use; current regulations
   71.227   Applicability of rules to operation
   71.999   Penalty