General Provisions; Obedience to and Effect of Traffic Laws
   70.001   Definitions
   70.002   Authority of Police and Fire Department officials
   70.003   Application to vehicles upon streets and highways; exceptions
   70.004   Obedience to police officers; fleeing
   70.005   Application to government vehicles; exception
   70.006   Authorized emergency vehicles
   70.007   Application to persons riding animals or driving animal-drawn vehicles
   70.008   Required obedience to traffic laws
   70.009   Costs of court
Traffic Signs, Signals, and Markings
   70.020   Obedience to traffic control devices
   70.021   Obedience to traffic control instructions at street construction
   70.022   Traffic control signal terms and lights
   70.023   Pedestrian control signals
   70.024   Flashing signals
   70.025   Unauthorized signs and signals, biding from view, advertising
   70.026   Alteration, injury, removal of traffic control devices
   70.027   Traffic violations in construction zones
   70.040   Immediate reports of crashes
   70.041   When driver unable to report
   70.042   Garages to report bullet damage
Serious Traffic Offenses
   70.055   Driving under the influence
   70.051   Reckless driving
   70.052   Hazardous driving
   70.053   Use of cell phone prohibited while driving
License, Registration, and Inspection
   70.075   Registration, Certificate of Title Required
   70.076   Registration Card
   70.077   Display of Registration Plates
   70.078   Operation of Vehicle without Evidence of Registration; Use of Temporary Facsimile
   70.079   Improper Use of Registration Card, Plate, or Permit
   70.080   Driver or Motorcycle License Required
   70.081   Persons Exempt from License
   70.082   License to be Carried and Exhibited on Demand
   70.083   Certain Acts Prohibited
   70.084   Driving Under Suspension or Revocation
   70.085   Owner or Operator Allowing Another to Drive
   70.086   Certificated of Inspection and Approval (MVI)
   70.999   Penalty