Special Stops Required
   72.01   Through streets and stop intersections
   72.02   Driving onto roadway from place other than roadway; stopping at sidewalk
   72.03   Stopping for school bus; signs and warning lights; sale of school bus
   72.04   Stopping for passenger van; signs and warning lights
   72.05   Obstructing intersection or crosswalk
Stopping, Standing, and Parking
   72.20   Stopping, standing, or parking outside of business or residence districts
   72.21   Officers authorizes to remove illegally stopped vehicles
   72.22   Stopping, standing, or parking prohibited in specific places
   72.23   Right and left parallel parking; angle parking; highway signs restricting parking, and the like
   72.24   Removal of vehicles parked, and the like on highways in emergencies; liability for costs of removal and storage; liens for towing and storage
   72.25   Signs on workers’ and church buses; when lawful for such buses to stop on highways and streets
   72.26   Contesting violations
On-Street Metered Parking
   72.40   Applicability
   72.41   Definitions
   72.42   Establishment of parking meter zones
   72.43   Existing parking meter zones continued in operation
   72.44   Days and hours meters to be in operation; required compliance by vehicle drivers
   72.45   Placement of meters; meter to signal whether parking space lawfully in use
   72.46   Marking of parking spaces; vehicles to park wholly within marked spaces
   72.47   Duty of driver to make deposit
   72.48   Prohibited acts; duty of driver to deposit coin in meter
   72.49   Overtime parking-generally
   72.50   Responsibility of owner
   72.51   Collection of coins from parking meters
   72.52   Disposition of parking meter revenue
   72.99   Penalty