Article 1501:  Fire Prevention Code
   1501.01   Adoption
   1501.02   Bureau of Fire Prevention established; duties
   1501.03   Definitions
   1501.04   Routes for vehicles transporting explosives and blasting agents
   1501.05   Routes for vehicles transporting hazardous chemicals
   1501.06   Modifications
   1501.07   Fire Marshals arrest authority at fire scenes and for certain violations of the Fire Code
   1501.08   Code enforcement
   1501.09   Obedience to orders at fire
   1501.10   Malicious burning
   1501.11   Smoke alarms
   1501.12   Fire Department access box required for certain buildings and structures
   1501.13   Maintenance of equipment
   1501.14   Plans and specifications
   1501.15   Notification of Fire Department
   1501.16   Trapdoors to be closed
   1501.17   Shaftways to be marked
   1501.18   Duty to report fires
   1501.19   Setting of fires
   1501.20   Notifying the Fire Department
   1501.21   False fire alarm
   1501.22   Administrative liability
   1501.23   Authority to enter premises
   1501.24   Inspections of buildings and premises
   1501.25   Orders to eliminate fire hazards
   1501.26   Unsafe buildings
   1501.27   Unsafe equipment
   1501.28   Service of orders
   1501.29   Responsibilities of insurance companies in fire loss investigation
   1501.30   Maintenance of fire hazard; order for repair or demolition; order to contain notice to comply and right to appeal
   1501.31   Smoke alarms in one- and two-family dwellings; carbon monoxide alarms in residential units; penalty
   1501.99   Penalty
Article 1505:  Open Burning
   1505.01   Open burning restricted
Article 1509:  Insurance Regulations
   1509.01   Distribution of insurance proceeds