Trees and Shrubs
907.01   Definitions.
907.02   List of undesirable trees and shrubs.
907.03   Tree surveys; Master Street Tree Plan and Inventory.
907.04   Trees in new subdivisions.
907.05   Public tree care.
907.06   Tree work; permit required.
907.07   Deleterious and impervious substances; building operations.
907.08   Tree topping.
907.09   Duty of property owner to prune privately owned trees.
907.10   Dead or diseased tree removal on private property.
907.11   Interference with Tree Commission or Public Works Director.
907.12   Arborists license and bond.
907.13   Review by Council.
907.14   Construction near public trees.
907.15   Emergencies.
907.99   Penalty.
Power to regulate shade trees and shrubbery - see Ohio R.C. 715.20
Assessments for tree planting or maintenance - see Ohio R.C. 727.011
Injury or destruction - see GEN. OFF. 541.06