Permitted, Accessory and Special Uses
1123.01   Primary uses.
1123.02   Accessory uses.
1123.03   Similar uses.
1123.04   Special uses; procedure and general requirements.
1123.05   Mobile home parks.
1123.06   Ponds and fish hatcheries.
1123.07   Marinas, skating rinks, driving ranges, miniature golf in conservation areas.
1123.08   Go-cart and race tracks.
1123.09   Trailer camps and travel trailer parks.
1123.10   Airports, heliports, hospitals, rest homes, orphanages, etc.
1123.11   Home occupation businesses.
1123.12   Loading docks.
1123.13   Junkyard and automobile graveyards.
1123.14   Exotic and non-domesticated pets.
1123.15   Sale of personal items.