The Wholesaling Use Group includes Classes that involve the selling of trade goods, supplies, or equipment to retailers, businesses, or other wholesalers for their use or resale at retail. The following Classes comprise the Wholesaling Use Group.
   A.   Business Supply and Equipment Wholesaling
   The selling of goods, supplies, or equipment to commercial service or retail trade establishments. Typical uses include wholesale distributors of trade goods and service products, such as medical and restaurant equipment and supplies.
   B.   Construction/Heavy Equipment Wholesaling
   The selling of large motor vehicles, equipment, machinery, or construction materials to other businesses. Typical uses include construction and farm equipment distributors.
   C.   Food and Beverage Wholesaling
   The selling of food or beverage products to other businesses. Typical uses include produce companies and beverage distributors.
   D.   Hazardous Material Wholesaling
   The selling to other businesses materials that are explosive, highly combustible, corrosive, toxic, highly oxidizing, or radioactive. Typical uses include petroleum supply and distribution of hazardous chemicals.