These provisions classify into categories to identify different activities within the . Any activity conducted on a property located within the is considered to be a . The categories of that refer to a primary activity, such as Residential or Industrial, are called Groups. Each Group is further divided into more specific listings based on their similarity of functional characteristics, such as Food and Beverage Sales or Vehicle Rental and Sales. These specific uses are referred to as Classes. In some cases, a Class may be further divided into more specific called Types. listed within a specific Group, Class, or Type are not listed in any other Group, Class, or Type.
   A.   Typical Headings and Uses
   Typical uses cited in the description of each Class are not intended to be exclusive or restrictive. Reference is made to the description of the Class in determining whether or not a certain use is included within a particular Class.
   B.   Determination of Appropriate Class
   Where a specific use does not conform to the wording of any Class description or conforms to the wording of two or more Class descriptions, the Zoning Administrator shall determine the most appropriate Class for that use. Such a determination is an administrative decision.