The Commercial Services Use Group includes Classes that permit facilities for the buying or selling of commodities or services, such as consulting, technical, transportation, and repair services. The following Classes, Types, and examples comprise the Commercial Services Use Group.
   A.   Administrative and Professional Office
   Provides administrative, consulting, management, and professional services to businesses and individuals. Typical uses include legal services, real estate firms, travel agencies, security and commodity brokers, and employment services.
   B.    Service (Bar)
   The retail sale of , such as beer, wine, and liquor, for consumption on the premises. Typical uses include cocktail lounges, taverns, and bars. Refer to the definition of Food Service to differentiate between an Service use (bar) that serves food and a Food Service use (restaurant) which serves .
      1.   Bar, Large
      A bar that encompasses 18,000 square feet or more of total area, including and any outside areas providing service to the public, such as outdoor seating and recreation areas.
   C.    Service
   The boarding, training, or grooming of , including short-term medical treatment. Typical uses include boarding kennels, dog training services, pet grooming shops, and veterinary clinics.
   D.    Residence
   A or portion of a used as both a residential dwelling for an artist and any artistic nonresidential use permitted in the in which the unit is located. The residential use and the artistic nonresidential use must be conducted by the same artist. The may not be separately leased.
   E.   Automotive - Service and Repair
   Servicing and repairing automobiles, motorcycles, or utility vehicles, such as pickup trucks and vans generally used as personal vehicles.
      1.   Automotive - Minor Service and Repair
      Minor maintenance that involves operations that do not create excessive noise, such as auto washing, lubrication, and oil changing.
      2.   Automotive - Major Service and Repair
      Major maintenance or repair services. Typical uses include muffler, brake, tune-up, stereo, alarm, air conditioning, and tire installation shops; general repair shops; service departments of dealerships; and automotive engine and transmission rebuilders.
      3.   Automotive Washing - Full Service
      An establishment where personnel are used to wash, dry, polish, or vacuum an automobile.
      4.   Automotive Washing - Self Service
      An establishment where the washing, drying, polishing, or vacuuming of an automobile is done by the driver or the occupant.
   F.   Billboard
   An off- sign relating to a business, activity, use, or service conducted off the or a product not sold on the .
   G.    and Grounds Maintenance
   Provides maintenance or custodial services for and properties. Typical uses include janitorial, , carpet cleaning, and window cleaning services.
   H.   Commercial Recreation
   A commercial establishment for use by the general public or a private club for members only used for participatory recreational activities. Spectator events at a Commercial Recreation use are . Typical uses include athletic clubs, gymnasiums, tennis courts, and indoor shooting ranges.
   I.   Communications
   The general transmission or reception of signals as specifically regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the transfer of verbal or visual information in an analog or digital mode. Typical uses include radio and television broadcasting stations and telecommunication service centers.
      1.   Communication, Wireless
      A commercial system designed and operated for the transmission and reception of signals to and from multiple transmitter locations to multiple reception locations. Typical uses include cellular telephone, personal communication service (PCS), enhanced specialized mobile radio (ESMR), and paging services.
   J.   Construction Service
   Provides construction activity to be performed at a construction and may include related work being performed on shop premises. Typical uses include construction companies, carpentry services, and plumbing services.
   K.   Day Care
   A use providing care, supervision, planned activities, or guidance on a regular basis for periods of less than 24 hours for not related to the operator. This includes adult day care and child care.
      1.   Adult Day Care
      A Day Care for elderly or disabled adults.
      2.   Child Care
      A Day Care for children 14 years old or younger who are not related to the operator. Typical uses include child care centers, preschools, nursery schools, and before- and after-school programs.
   L.   Entertainment
   A spectator use for the presentation of the performing arts, including indoor motion picture theaters, theaters for live performances, or indoor and outdoor concert halls.
      1.   Large Dance Hall
      A use that is 18,000 square feet or more of total area, including and any outside areas providing service to the public, such as outdoor seating and recreation areas, that has a dance floor(s) that is over 25% of the area. Dance halls less than 18,000 square feet of total area are governed by the applicable to the Entertainment Use and not those applicable to Large Dance Halls.
   M.   Financial Service
   The management or exchange of money and assets, or other fiduciary services. Typical uses include banks, credit unions, and savings and loan associations, and , such as check cashing and payday loan businesses.
   N.   Food Service
   The preparation and sale of food primarily for consumption as a on or off premises. Typical uses include restaurants, coffee shops, cafeterias, and fast food establishments. To differentiate between a Food Service use (restaurant) that serves and an Service use (bar) that serves food, refer to the definition of restaurant.
      1.   Restaurant
      A commercial establishment in which the is the preparation and sale of food and beverages. A restaurant by any other name, such as, but not limited to, coffee shop, cafeteria, fast food restaurant, or diner, is  regulated as a restaurant.
      2.   Soup Kitchen
      A Food Service use that provides free for consumption on or off .
   O.   Funeral Service
   The preparation of the dead for interment or cremation and the holding of funeral services. This category includes funeral homes, undertaking establishments, and crematories.
   P.   Medical Service - Extended Health Care
   Provides lodging, , treatment, or personal care on a long-term basis to individuals who, by reason of advanced age, chronic illness, or infirmity, are unable to care for themselves. Typical uses include nursing homes and hospices.
   Q.   Medical Service - Major
   Provides inpatient medical care which may also include outpatient service as an ancillary activity. Typical uses include hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, and detoxification centers.
   R.   Medical Service - Outpatient
   Provides outpatient physical or mental health services. Services may be of a preventive, diagnostic, treatment, therapeutic, rehabilitative, or counseling nature. Typical uses include medical and dental offices, health clinics, counseling services, and emergency care centers.
      1.   Blood Donor Center
      A Medical Service that engages in the business or activity of receiving or taking plasma, blood, or any component thereof from human donors.
   S.   Parking
   A where the is for the of motor vehicles, whether for compensation, free, or as accommodation to clients or customers. Typical uses include parking and for residential or commercial purposes.
   T.   Personal Service
   Provides personal care or appearance services to an individual or provides the cleaning or repair of personal effects. Typical uses include barber and beauty shops, tailors, nail salons, shoe repair shops, dry cleaning collection agencies, laundromats, massage establishments, nail salons, and reducing salons.
   U.   Research and Product
   The conducting of research of a commercial, industrial, or scientific nature, including analytic, diagnostic, processing, and other types of laboratory services. Typical uses include assaying, commercial testing, and engineering laboratories.
   V.   Technical Service
   Service of a technical nature provided to businesses and individuals. Typical uses include printing establishments, blueprint companies, photocopy companies, commercial art studios, recording studios, and computer access centers.
   W.   Trade Service and Repair, Major
   The maintenance, repair, or reconstruction of heavy equipment, machinery, large trucks, buses, or other similar vehicles and their component parts. The fabrication of parts and products on an individual basis is permitted. Typical uses include farm machinery repair services, body work and painting of automobiles and similar vehicles, and welding shops.
   X.   Trade Service and Repair, Minor
   The service or repair of appliances and other similar utility items for business or personal use. Typical uses include appliance repair, jewelry repair, reupholstery, locksmith, burglar alarm repair, and stereo and television repair shops.
   Y.   Transportation Service, Air Carrier
   Involves the landing or taking off of aircraft and may provide for passenger and freight transportation by air. The use may include associated terminal and service facilities. Aircraft include airplanes, helicopters, gliders, dirigibles, blimps, and ultralights. The facilities may be for commercial or recreational use. Typical uses include private and public , heliports and helipads, gliderports, and ultralight fields.
      1.    Authority
      Provides for aeronautical and multiple associated uses conducted under the direction and control of a statutorily created authority, such as pursuant to A.R.S. § 28-8423; 28-8424, at a facility not less than 2,000 acres in size located within an adopted environs overlay or a designated planning area shown in a master plan adopted by the authority's board of directors.
      2.   Ultralight Airpark
      An used by the general public or an ultralight flying club for ultralight aircraft operation.
   Z.   Transportation Service, Land Carrier
   Provides local or regional passenger or freight transportation by bus, rail, vehicle, or truck with terminal and service facilities. Typical uses include bus stations, trucking companies, and taxicab services.
   AA.   Travelers’ Accommodation, Campsite
   Provides overnight accommodation for recreational vehicles or tents on a temporary basis. Typical uses include parks.
      1.    (R.V.) Park
      A of land under single ownership, where one  or more spaces are rented, leased, or held out for rent or lease to for occupancy of recreational vehicles.
   BB.   Travelers’ Accommodation, Lodging
   Provides rooms for the temporary lodging of travelers. Typical uses include bed and breakfast inns, hotels, motels, inns, resorts, and guest ranches.
(Am. Ord. 11171, 5/20/2014; Am. Ord. 11577, 8/8/2018)