The Recreation Use Group includes Classes that involve sports and activities with emphasis on participant sports and recreation. The following Classes comprise the Recreation Use Group.
   A.   Golf Course
   A of land for playing golf, improved with tees, greens, fairways, and hazards.
   B.   Parks and Recreation
   A noncommercial, not-for-profit facility designed for active or passive recreation uses, such as neighborhood parks, community parks, regional parks, and special use facilities. Such facilities may include ballfields, swimming pools, tennis courts, and playground equipment. Commercial amusement facilities, such as water slides and miniature golf courses, are not considered to be parks.
      1.   Regional Park
      A park that has at least 15 and provides facilities such a pool, soccer fields, baseball fields, basketball court, recreation center, concert stage or other such facilities for regional recreational uses.
   Any area of land, essentially unimproved and not occupied by or manmade impervious surfaces, that is set aside, , or reserved in perpetuity for public or private enjoyment as a preservation or conservation area. In addition, includes those areas revegetated or restored with in a natural manner consistent with the character of the Sonoran Desert.